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I am lost *heartache every moment*

I dont know what I should write right now, I only know that I am in need of writing…
It was funny yesterday and he has been so damn fucking cute..I guess this “fucking” is catching xD
I can not stop saying fucking even if I would really like to halt it…
I don’t know how we have been but somehow it felt like flirting with each other…*hehe*
And yes I admit I really enjoyed it…
Like she said and told me that he was like “can u write her this could u tell her that” I like that thought and moreover I like what we are going to do soon…*lol*
I don’t want to have it like just “friends with benefits” I just hope to fall in love with him and to really care for him truly, cos he earned someone who plays his lil guardian angel *smile* and why should it not be me???
I earned it like all others *nods* and I do draw a lot of hearts believe me, especially since yesterday …
Never thought I could change the direction and maybe I cant but I really would like to try…
Cos who said the right will come with a thunderclap??? Maybe it really has been all imagination and illusion… and I wished that hard to find the one true love, maybe I just chose the wrong way and didn’t notice what has been so clear to others… but never to myself…
I am confused I don’t know what to think about and they told him not to play games with me so its up to me to do the same  - means to be fair and honest…
But how could I tell him without annoying him like hell…???
I guess some things are better left unsaid…


Love dany
30.6.08 20:10

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