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Thats what friends are for <3...

Nadine <3<3<3

You are my one and only and true love anyway...the only person I am that sure about everything ..if I wont make it with you I ll never make it...-.-
I am so happy that u are always there for me...<3
You give me breath to continue and survive this long hard road to home...
I love you so much and I hope that there wont never be a thing we ll break up about ;______; I know that you always trust me and I know about its worth and I will kill ANYBODY who will hurt you or just even try to do it..-.-
It wouldnt matter to me if I would be punished for something to revenge you...Cos you are my life, you are a part of my heart and also my soul, I dont want to be without you - NEVER (cos eva has nothing to search for in here XD)
Cos if you are broken I am broken too and we ll both will die together - you in my arms...Only in mine...to be saved forever from all people who hurted you doesnt matter with what an intention ever...
I ll kill them or make their life a living hell...-.-
Mä rakastan sua my dear <3


You are so important to me, theres no other person except of you I would tell that much about myself..I am always scared to really open my heart but u have something around you that it makes it so easy to just be myself and I have never been myself before I came to Finland last year and get to know all those people who mean so much to me right now...including you
Whenever you ll fall I hope that I am one of the people making you get up again, cos I know about your dreams a bit and at least I hope that I am able to help you in any way you ll need help always...Cos I want to be one of the persons leading you home <3<3


I am so happy that we talked about all those things which went wrong before...and I guess it really has been me making our relationship more problematic...I am so sorry I can just tell you ...
I feel guilty cos everything what went wrong was all about my longing for someone who understands me and it least it has been alina where i reflected all my emotions to...So now I am just here to tell you I like you so much and we had so much fun together until now even if we havent met that often ^^ I guess you know what I am speaking about so there are no other words worth to say than just I like you <3

So all in all I just want to say "kiitoksia" to all of you who are always there when I need you...^^

Nowadays I am so full with secrets thoughts and doubts that it seems t be hard to breath sometimes..and its always u let me keep on breathing and at least give hope to me ^_____^

Thank you *rakkaus*



8.2.08 20:34

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nadine (11.2.08 01:25)
ja fuck ich habs jez gelesen ... und es ist toll und schön und mir laufen grad die tränen -.- *flemm* und du bist nebenan in der küche und machtest die tür zu und willst wohl allein sein oder so -.- aber ich mag nicht wenn du von mir weggehst, weil ich ohne dich doch nix bin...gar nix....selbst wenn es nur für ein paar minuten ist...ich lieb dich doch auch schatzi, so sehr...so verdammt sehr....

Anne (13.2.08 19:19)

I could cry as well right now.
I don't know whether you even know just HOW much this meant to me ... that certain conversation ...
You've said it completely out of context. And I couldn't do anything else than kiss your cheek to show you how much that meant to me ... and what it meant for the both of us ... for the three of us ^^

I was so damn scared before Finland. Mainly because I really liked you, actually, and didn't know how I should act ... or would ... and how you would act.
I was still sceptical on the first day. Mainly because I was so nervous. Like ... pretending like nothing happened. That was ... so weird.

And then you've said this ... and we talked about it some hours later at the bus station.
And from then on, we even laughed about it ... made jokes ... and it was just ... it's. It's been so perfect. I mean, it couldn't have been any better, could it? ^^

So. Again. Thank you so much for this.
And ... I actually hate that we can't spend some time together as well. I would have loved to be there as well on Alina's birthday or on any other occasion that you three meet. I miss you girls. I really do. It was just ... such a fun time. It ... yeah ... *speechless*

<3 <3 *bighug* ... *kissonthecheek*

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