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My personal ugly thing ^^

...I love u so much
I mean I have no idea what love really means and I dont understand the content anyway
all i know is that i care so much about u, that I always worry if u r okay...I just hope that theres someone who cares for u someone to push u in the right direction and to help u to find ur way <3


Die Aerzte - Ich Weiss Nicht (ob Es Liebe Ist) Lyrics

Vor zwei Wochen hab' ich dich zum ersten Mal gesehen.
Du warst so betrunken, du konntest kaum noch stehen.
Aus Mitleid hab' ich dich nach Haus gebracht.
Du sagtest zärtlich :"Mein Schatz, gute Nacht."
"Mein Schatz", hast du gesagt, vielleicht war's nur ein Scherz,
Amors Pfeil durchbohrte mein Herz.

Jetzt weiss ich nicht, was ich denken soll,
ist es wirklich Liebe, oder finde ich dich nur toll?
Ich weiss nicht, ob es Liebe ist,
wenn man nicht mehr trinkt und isst.
Wenn man etwas hört und es sofort vergisst,
ich weiss nicht, ob das Liebe ist.

Am nächsten Tag habe ich dich besucht,
als das Bier alle war, hast du laut geflucht.
Du lagst auf dem Bett und warst ziemlich breit,
aber immerhin waren wir allein zu zweit.
Ich wollte mit dir reden über deine Frisur,
und über Liebe, aber du lachtest nur.

Jetzt weiss ich nicht, was ich denken soll,
ist es wirklich Liebe, oder finde ich dich nur toll?
Ich weiss nicht ob es Liebe ist,
wenn man alle Frauen an einer misst.
Wenn man an eine denkt und eine andere küsst,
ich weiss nicht, ob es Liebe ist.
Ich weiss nicht, ob es Liebe ist,
wenn man beim Pinkeln ständig neben's Becken pisst

I dont think that I am able to pee next to the toilet, i guess i have never been and i will never be so filled up with love XD or alcohol...
I am so confused I guess I can write as much about him and it will never be so close to these emotions I really feel when I think about him <3 and its so hard to know that theres no real chance to keep this thing going and I always think about the sentence
"theres a girl i guess she s from germany"
I hope so bad that he means my little person, I dont know if its stupid maybe it is ..but is love not often kind of stupid for others who are not in this "circle"???
I guess some will never understand anything doesnt matter how often u try to explain and describe..there will be always persons who ll never get the point..sad thing..

Maybe love its just an illusion, but its something to hold on, it keeps all people going,-just hoping they ll meet the one they can love

I just feel sorry for those people who ll never believed in love and who are not secretly on search for true love..sometimes they search unconscient ...its better as try the hardest u can to find someone to stay with...

But I am drifting away from the topic I firstly wanted to write about...
I just wanted to say and give it to myself: I am looking for the right one to love...it can also be the wrong but just someone to love and to love him the way he earns it and learn to love the person right...
And I would never force him to love me...or to be with me, even if I could...XD he s so different from all the guys I ve met before..it was always: I want him so bad I ll love him to death...
But not him: i wish he would be my one and true love but he hasnt to be it wouldnt be that worse...i mean i am not really jealous about his girlfriend...what will it change??? nothing...
And so I keep on waiting and save my hope that he is anyway my right one...

You are so beautiful in so many ways...its not the looking..I dont think that u r the hottest thing on earth, but just for me u r so special i hope u ll never lose this special magic with me...^^

So I ll be waiting forever and another day ♥




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