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If I die tomorrow....

I gues I like Mörtley Crüe even if its just for one song...^^ that doesnt mean i dont like the others...nono i only know this song...i think i go to utube and kill myself a bit with mr. selo ^^

he is just an impressive person, i dont kno why and maybe i exaggerate a bit but he is the only finnish men i take for serious when he starts talking ^^
i dont know if that is good or not, maybe it just shows that I long for somebody who save me from my insanity...-.- and who tries to keep me going to walk forward, i really need someone who kicks my ass...
i am very lazy sometimes...it seems as if the time is frozen...i only walk on same place as if my feet couldnt move forward anymore...sadsad..-.-

I am so confused cos i guess i havent expecting something like that...its just i dont know how to handle the whole situation without getting hurted... to myself cos i am such a weak person with no idea what i want to reach in life...i am without any orientation...

and theres is this stupid girl who believes that the one i really like is her possession...i mean she has no right to say sthg like that...she is just one of athousand girls who like him as well and i cant get the point that she is telking about him like if he "has" to like her...i would never demand for his sympathy or force him to like me...i would be very sad of course if he wouldnt like me but i ve to accept it if it would be this way...and i would wish him that he is just happy...i guess that is what love is about...so i am going to stare and listen to jussi again even if i ll die today ^^" cos of his singing...

Love ♥


3.12.07 12:50

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