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I hate men -especially finnish ones -.-

I ll never get it...Why do they all act the same??? Are they so blind to see what is good to them and whats bad???

Why id he tell her he would love her and then go back to his girlfriend??? That makes me cry too cos I ve learned to like him too by speaking about him and reading his messages...
That is so not fair...will he ever runs away is he so afraid that could not make it on his own???
Cos when u consider what SHE said to him and about his problems i am really not sure what he wants with her...*cry*
That hurts too bad...
He persuaded me that he would be strong this time and try to figure out all problems and to solve them even if it means that he would be alone

This on one day and now???
He failed like he did with all things...seems that he is not able to manage his life...really not able...idioti! I mean fuck voi vittu...Its defenitly not fair...And its not fair to tell my friend he would love her and then crawl back to HER

I really think about doing worse things with her...i could switch off my conscience...

Would be very nice to kill her, maybe would save all our problems
yesterday was just nice thoughts by thinks of 3 men siting in a room doing a jam session ^^ that was the time when evrything was quite okay...but then...argh...I just hate him right now...

 Can sbdy invent something against men???

Pls let me know...
go to hug my hun and to dry her tears...


21.11.07 12:46

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lahja (27.11.07 19:31)
ich las deinen blog noch gar nicht -.-

also erst mal kiitos paljon ... für alles, dafür dass du für mich da bist, mitfühlst und sowieso ... lieb dich schatzi und ich vermisse dich jetzt schon so doll, dabei bist du grad erst mal ein paar stunden weg -.-
freu mich schon dich samstag wieder zu sehen *knuff*

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